Hampton Roads Activity Professionals' Association  


www.vaaponline.org Virginia Association of Activity Professionals

www.nccap.org National Certification Council for Activity Professionals
www.nasco.com Activity Supplies

www.activitymaterials.com A New Day Magazine and Catalog



www.activityconnection.com: Bob Ewald

www.christianconcourse.org: Local organization that provides resources for Christian Nursing Home Volunteers!

www.Rostherapysystems.com The mission of R.O.S. Therapy Systems is to Improve Quality of Life through Entertainment and Activities. We began as a simple project to help one man in his 25 year fight against Parkinson’s Disease and Dementia.  With the R.O.S. Legacy Activity System, the R.O.S. Magnetic Puzzle System, and our Activity Workbook Downloads, R.O.S. has grown into a company offering unique products that are used used to engage individuals with activities they will enjoy.

www.CreateTheGood.org: A website and program developed by AARP in aiding to get volunteers for your facility.  The program is called Create The Good.

www.vanha.org: Virginia Association for Nonprofit Homes for the aging. Click here for open jobs and Activity Related Events.

www.vhca.org: Virginia Healthcare Association. Click here for open jobs and Activity Related Events.

www.wecanetwork.org: David Hutcherson and Rev. Johnathan Stanley
The Compassion Advocacy Network, Inc is a public charity founded to provide compassion adn advocacy to disadvantaged and at-risk populations.

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